S-Motion | Wearable wireless MIDI controlling system


Designed for live performance, S-Motion turns your hand gestures and movements into control signal, lets you morph your sound expressively and wirelessly.


S-Motion is a hybrid system, it is made up by a wearable controller S-Band, and the S-Motion APP. As you perform, your gestures and movements are captured by S-Band from your wrist, it then sends out the data to the connected computer wirelessly. Based on your patch configuration on S-Motion APP, the received data gets processed into MIDI messages accordingly, after that, S-Motion APP sends out the MIDI messages to your DAWs, and your music is now under control from your hand.

S-Motion & Ableton Live Demo

Patching & Mapping

S-Motion retrieves 4 kinds of information from your gestures - Horizontal Motion (tilting / swipping your hand), Vertical Motion (hand moves up & down), Front-to-Back motion (push & pull), and Velocity of the Motion. They are available as control sources, and can be used individually or combined to control your sound. In our app, you get the total freedom to map the control sources onto any MIDI CCs on any channel from 0-16, as well as further adjust the behaviour of the control sources to your need. The possibility is endless. After you’ve finished, save it as another patch for your performance.

Patching & Mapping in detail

Modular System

As S-Motion is designed with extensibility in mind, we adopted fully modular design pattern from the beginning. S-Band and S-Motion APP can be considered as two modules in this system. There will be more modules, both new hardwares and softwares being added to S-Motion later on.