Our Story

Sonic Hits is founded in May 2017, by five passionate and ambitious youngsters – Rex Wang, Alan Liu, Alicia Jia, Ning Yang and Joe Yan in Atlanta, Georgia. The four of them – Rex, Alan, Joe and Ning were master students in Georgia Tech, in the same major – Music Technology. The opportunity for Alicia to join the team, and the idea of starting a company together came from an unforgettable team project they did back in school, the Moog Hackathon.

The hackathon was a competition which each team got to design a electronic instrument within 48 hours based on Moog’s Werkstatt synthesizer kit, and showcase the instrument with an original music piece written for the instrument. It was so intense that a lot of the teams couldn’t even made a working prototype in time. The four of them made it, they didn’t sleep at all, after Rex and Alicia came up with the idea, Alan started building the circuit, Joe started programming the micro controller, Ning and Alicia started working on design, and Rex started coding the software and composing the music. Finally, 48 hours later, they finished their instrument – an electronic bagpipe featuring an automated polyphony system.

In the end, although they didn’t win the first prize, they won so much more – a powerful and innovative team. After graduation, they founded Sonic Hits. Just like the way they did in the hackathon – Rex as Product Manager, Alan as Electrical Engineer, Alicia as Marketing Representative and Joe as Software Engineer. This passionate and ambitious team keeps working hard towards their goal – create something great for the artists and musicians.